7 Things I Learned…

Staying Healthy


Believe me, there are many lessons in life that have contributed to making this journey so worthwhile! I encourage you to always be on the lookout for them for yourself. We can never learn too much! It is what we do with the knowledge that really matters.

1. Stress aids in weight gain.
I won’t claim my weight gain was all attributed to cortisol because it could very well have been too much chocolate in my diet. Either way, stress was a factor!


2. Every body is different (including how a person feels about their body), but the basic rule of weight loss is the same.
Eat less… Move more… and the good ole “Calories in vs Calories out” method is not a myth. But it is often claimed to be a myth and used to sell special “diets”.


3. Doctors are great, but they don’t know everything (sincerely, with all due respect).
That’s all I have to say about that.


4. I hate cardio, but love weight lifting.
It’s a personal preference. I stopped killing myself with cardio and now I love going to the gym, therefore have made more progress on my weight loss goals! (Still loving my CrossFit gym, even though I don’t do WODs anymore.) Win-Win!


5. Lean bodies are made in the kitchen.
If you think you can eat however much, of whatever the heck you want, all the time, and work it off in the gym or take a pill, you’re kidding yourself. You are what you eat. There’s a reason you’ve heard that phrase before.


6. Eliminating and detoxing from things like Sugar, addictive chemicals, etc, will benefit you, but is not necessary for everyone, in order to have a lean body (reference #2 above). No matter what you eat, if you follow a plan, track your food intake and get the macro nutrients you need, you will reach your goals!


7. There are days when I feel hungry and deprived.
I always live through it. No, seriously, I didn’t die! Did I feel proud of myself for making it through? Of course!

8. Super Bonus Lesson: Buying myself new (smaller) clothes is so much fun!

Poshmark has been a helpful way for me to sell my clothes that don’t fit, and use the credit to buy new ones! Yay! The Poshmark app is pretty awesome, and so easy to use. You can sell your clothes right from your phone! If you sign up (it’s FREE to sign up), use my invite code (JRMHY) and you will get $5 credit toward a purchase!



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