3 Exercises that Changed My Life

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You’ve heard it before… Everybody is different.

Let me rephrase that. Every body is different. Just like some of us like mushrooms and some of us don’t. Why is that? Because we’re different. We have different tastes, styles and quirks. We are supposed to be different. If we weren’t different, we’d be emotionless zombies like something out of a Twilight Zone episode (oops, did I just show my age?). When it comes to weight loss, I suppose that’s why there are a millions of different diets and exercise programs to buy. It’s sad to think about the desperation of millions of people that support the health and fitness industry. But isn’t it true that we all just need one thing to work for us? Just one.

I’m just a normal person (haha) who has wanted to lose weight for the last 15 years and I’ve tried everything. Both my brother, Mark and I have been struggling with our weight for years, him since his challenging early twenties and me since infertility treatments in my thirties. We were brought up eating the same way. We have both been vegetarians for many years. We are research junkies, always on a quest to be healthy. Years ago we both came to a conclusion that stress is a major factor in our progress. Fast forward… Now we are both happier than ever, have amazing families, sufficient incomes, live close to each other and have a great relationship, so why the continual struggle to lose weight? Maybe its not a weight issue, lets call it “the struggle to have the body we desire, in order to feel the self confidence we crave”.

Let me explain something, until now i have always thought i had bad will power, or i was destined to be chubby, or because i had a baby at the age of 44, i would never be thin again. I tried circuit training, CrossFit, running and home fitness videos, you name it, counted calories, put myself into Ketosis, bought books and programs, blah, blah… I just never felt like i was getting anywhere! I felt good physically, especially with CrossFit, but I was not becoming leaner or losing weight on the scale. I felt like I was doing something for nothing. I hated my body. My clothes were uncomfortable. I didn’t want to leave the house. My self confidence was so so low.

During the past year I have started three new exercises…
in Personal Development.

  1. I am grateful for everything I have and want.
  2. I am learning how to stop being addicted to the outcome of a personal trial, and enjoy the journey.Doing my best and being present is my new addiction.
  3. Taking things personal has no place in my life (Don’t take anything personally). I love my Lord, my husband, my kids, my self… and nothing should get it the way of that. Nothing.

Every day I thank God for the lean and healthy body I have. I thank Him for the strength to control myself. I am thankful for all the struggles in my life, because they have made me who I am. Don’t write me off just yet… Even if you are not a believer you can still do this! Thank the Universe or Buddha or whatever you like, the point is to be of a grateful mindset.

This is an ongoing struggle and journey that i am currently going through. This is not just about weight on the scale. It’s about how I feel about myself, how I am willing to treat myself and what I convince myself of. There were so many unhealthy thoughts circling my head for too long. I was ready for a change. I think I was ashamed of so many aspects of my life, that I wouldn’t allow myself to be happy (and confident and worthy and enough). When I meet people like this, I feel so heartbroken for them… So, why couldn’t I crawl out of my own hole? Well, looking back, I think I was just THAT ashamed. Unfinished college degree, failed marriage, pregnant out of wed-lock, financial debt, and no big accomplishments to speak of. At least that’s how I felt. By being ashamed, I stopped my own progress. I lived up to my own expectations (or lack thereof).

Approaching a new mindset can be daunting. It’s like becoming a new person, while appreciating the person you already are. I say “Embrace change”. It makes you vulnerable to wonderful things, you may have never experienced.

Today I can honestly say, I am more grateful, more present, and more vulnerable to all the Love and Joy in my life. I encourage you to give these exercises a try.


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