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I’m Theresa, a Jesus freak, wife to Jeff, Mom to two little monkeys, editor and marketing support for www.trackjunkiejeff.com. That makes me a busy mommy by day, and a self-employed entrepreneur by night and I like piña coladas and gettin’ caught in the rain. Actually, I prefer wine, but I thought that was cute.

Life can be a little crazy sometimes. It’s some kind of ride for sure. Sometimes I can sit back and enjoy it, but most of the time I find myself navigating, refereeing, nourishing and entertaining the passengers who are along for the ride with me. (Hmmm… I wonder who that could be… a couple of cute little monkeys maybe.)

I like to help people realize their dreams and gain the confidence to go out and achieve them! Lately, I’m doing some personal development of my own and its a great ride. Join me, wont you?

Feel free to contact me anytime. You can use this Comment section below or send me a private email. I am here for you. theresa@ourdailyride.com

Every Moment of Your Life Matters! Always Do Your Best and Live in Each Moment!

Peace Out… Ciao… See ya later Alligator.

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