Bottle Slumping

Bottle What? Bottle Slumping. You are either reading this to find out what the heck that means, or you already know and you are an enthusiast.  Because of their popularity, you have most likely seen a slumped bottle and just didn’t know what the process was called. That’s ok. There are many different names for them: Melted bottles, flattened bottles, smashed bottles. It’s a glass bottle that has been collapsed with heat and melted into another useful purpose. Intrigued?

I have been teaching fellow artisans or wannabe artisans how to slump bottles for about 10 years. It’s a fun hobby that I started doing with my mom around 2000. It became increasingly popular and in demand, so in 2006 I wrote an eBook about how to do it, called “The Art of Bottle Slumping”.


Writing my eBook changed my life. In the very beginning, when a “friend” told me it was a silly idea and nobody would buy such a book, I was determined to try anyway. Wow! I learned so much. Not just about the process of creating a web site and a downloadable eBook, but also about my own craft. The community of artisans and crafters are simply the neatest people. I have been contacted by Martha Stewart and Vickie Payne, two very well-known ladies in the biz. I have been on TV. I have traveled and drank some great wine. I have met some friendly and amazingly talented folks.  Most importantly, I learned not to let other people discourage me. I have proven to myself that I can do anything I set my mind to. And you know what? You can too! No, really, you can!

Lately, I try to stay low-key because people always have so many questions about the process and frankly, I am shy. Don’t get me wrong, I love to talk, and I love to slump bottles, but sometimes I just want to remain on the side lines and not be the big entrepreneur people think I am. Selling my little eBook has helped my family immensely and allowed me to quit my job as a Pharmacy Technician and spend more time with my kids. I wasn’t looking to make a million dollars, and I didn’t, but I’m glad I proved to myself that I can be self-sufficient and not need to put my kids in daycare. It came in very handy when I needed to get myself out of a less-than-desirable relationship with my 2 year old in tow. That’s a whole other story for later.

My point is: If you have an idea in your head and you think it’s silly or somebody told you it is, stop and make a choice. Either act on it (and be proud for following your heart, whether it works or not) or just stop thinking about it! If you don’t act, you will continue to beat yourself up in your head for thinking your idea is silly! You may not make a million dollars, but how much would it take to make your life a little easier?

I like to create beautiful things. I like having choices. I like to see people smile and hear about their passions.  Bottle Slumping has given me all these things, and more. I hope you will be encouraged to try it, or at least explore what you enjoy doing that gives you all these things. We all have the ability to create.

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In case you’re wondering, I do sell my Slumped Bottles on Etsy.
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