Agreement #2

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We make agreements with ourselves that create limitation and unhappiness in our lives. This is part two of my blog posts about The four agreements, by don Miguel Ruiz. I know you’ve heard this before. Don’t assume, it makes an ASS out of U and ME. Well, it’s true. So don’t do it. 

Don’t Make Assumptions.

Some people get annoyed when I don’t assume things, but I’d rather not assume wrong and make a giant mistake. In my previous line of work as a pharmacy technician, assuming could be a matter of life or death for a patient. Sometimes Doctors would get angry if we wasted their time by asking a “stupid” question, but if we guess wrong at what the prescription said, it wasn’t really a stupid question was it? Don’t assume a person wants or doesn’t want what you have to offer. There is much less drama for you when you don’t assume. You won’t really know unless you ask. And if they don’t want it, well, that’s an agreement I’ll talk to you about in my next post.

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