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Relaxation, chilling out, sight seeing… Oh my!

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People keep asking how our fun-filled family vacation was. After all, we planned for months and told everyone we knew how excited we were.

My fantasy:

I’m not gonna lie. RV traveling is hard with little kids (perhaps an understatement). Sounds like a bunch of fun, right? The whole family hops into the fancy RV and little tow car, ready for lots of fun and time away from the daily grind, no school, no errands… relaxation, chilling out, sight seeing… Oh my! After all, Nathan is controlled by Ritalin now (see post here), Scotty loves to play and be outdoors, the RV is running well, we have a cool little all wheel drive car to tow now, we’re both retired, we have family to visit and energy to expend. My plan (let’s just call it a fantasy) for the trip was: we all get up early and get to our destination and play and have fun, then have picnic lunches,  play some more, take a walk or do a fun nature craft, barbecue some dinner and have s’mores before the kids put pajamas on and hop into bed, feeling loved, tired and maybe a little sunburned.  Then Daddy and I have a quiet cocktail under the stars in our camp chairs outside before we head off to bed. Let’s not forget, we will stay on track with our CrossFit and good eating habits, continue to track our food intake, and use our newly learned parenting skills.  Continue Reading

Make a Gratitude Jar

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The first year my husband and I dated we started a “Gratitude Jar”. We placed little notes in it all year long. On these notes, we wrote things we were grateful for, as well as little notes to each other and occasions we wanted to remember. On New year’s eve of that year, we opened our jar and read everything together. It was so much fun! It was especially fun one year because my husband secretly had

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