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Do you have a desire to be lean and healthy (and -why not- sexy, too)? I do.

I’m going to dive right in to the topic of ‘How I lost 25 pounds and am on the road to getting my confidence back’. About a year ago, I started something new. I found out my TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure – bear with me). If I eat less calories than needed to support my TDEE, I will lose weight. But because I want to maintain my muscle and even help gain more muscle while losing fat, I need to eat macro nutrients to support that. The iifym.com calculator helped me figure out these macro nutrient numbers.

When we approach a new way of eating, I think we typically think about all the foods we will miss. Eventually, you may not miss them (Don’t Make Assumptions). I tried to think more about the foods I love and how I will make them fit into my new lifestyle. I decided to give meat a chance again, but I did it in a way that would not “gross me out”, if you will. I try to stick to humanely farmed eggs, chicken and pork. I eat elk and deer that my husband hunted. I still have a hard time swallowing beef and fish, but I try. Organic, non-GMO, uncured, no nitrates… I do my best. (Always do your best). I was also introduced to Skinny Fiber. Just the name of it made me laugh, but one of the macro nutrients I need to track is fiber, so I gave it a try. The name still sounds so silly and gimmicky to me, with its claims to make me feel more full, therefore eating less and feeling satisfied. I don’t want to sound like a commercial, but I think it really works (and I still take it)!  Moving on…

My Fitness Pal‘ app helps me track my food intake. I track every single thing I eat, (even if its a little bite of my kids food in an effort to get them to try it). If I can’t track it, I don’t eat it. I use a scale and weigh everything in grams. I do this before I eat it. Typically I have the entire day’s meals planned out early so I know what i am supposed to eat. If I change my mind, I make it fit. I keep pre-measured snacks in my purse in case I’m out and I need a bite. Sounds like a pain, right? Sometimes it is. But, when I think about how I feel after having lost 25 pounds, it was all worth it.

Let’s be realistic. I have moments where I just want a cheeseburger and a giant pile of fries! Or i get sick of weighing and tracking and I want a day off! Or my Mom invites us to dinner (I’m sure you know all about Mom’s cooking!). Or my husband and I go away for the weekend without kids! In these moments of realism, I remind myself, “Slow and steady wins the race”. Meaning, its okay to be human. (It is not okay to be destructive – to your body or mind!) After doing this for over a year, I can pretty much figure out in my head what I need to eat. And if I go out to eat or to somebody’s house for dinner, I make good choices (for the most part) and don’t worry about it. Truthfully, I usually look forward to getting back to tracking ASAP.

What I’m trying to say is, it is not helpful to be ashamed of yourself. It is not helpful to beat yourself up over a cookie you ate. If anything, it is more harmful to say the least (Be Impeccable with your word). I am finding that I like the challenge of meeting my macros. It makes me feel like I am winning the war I have created in my head about food and my body. I don’t have distorted body image disorder or anorexia (I was over weight for sure – technically still am). But, I am no longer ashamed of the behaviors that do not coincide with my goals. After all, I am in control of my behavior and if I want to change something, it’s all up to me. So… when my choices and behavior lead me closer to my goals, I get all the credit. See how that works (wink)?

By the way, It’s okay to be proud of yourself. Challenge yourself to do something to be proud of. You might surprise yourself. It’s kind of like working for a nice person vs working for an ass. Who do you want to work harder for? There is more motivation to help the nice guy, isn’t there? Be nice to yourself! Now! Not after this or that goal has been met, but NOW.


(This post has lots of links. They are not affiliate links. One is my own website. I’m just trying to help you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.)

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