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About, Faith

In the past, writing has been my quiet, personal, creative outlet. I wrote lots of poems as a teenager, during those rough hormonal years. I wrote my how-to book about bottle slumping and turned it into an eBook. My eBook was finished and available in 2006, and it felt so good! I enjoyed helping people so much! I still enjoy it.


Then life got so busy; keeping up with my family, my e-book readers, and working part-time, so I stopped writing. I missed it. I longed for it. I used bottle slumping as my creative outlet, dabbled in paper crafts, and made an art of posting on Instagram and Facebook. It helped, but I still have so much to share! I personally believe that as we share our experiences and challenges we help others who are having the same issues. None of us are alone. You can bet there is somebody out there having the same trials as you, the same joys. We are in this life together.


We All Need to Just Breathe

I kept thinking I didn’t have time to write, or a purpose for what I had to share. But, I was wrong. I need to write. Writing is my meditation. Did you know, studies show that writing actually relieves anxiety? It’s like having a person to talk to who completely understands and doesn’t judge. Writing helps me organize my thoughts and give me time to examine the reasons for my worry or anxiety. When I’m done, I feel accomplished and somewhat empowered.  Then I can breathe… and remember God is in control.


Writing is how I show my love and passion. It’s a great way to stay healthy in mind and spirit. I write because I love. That’s it, plain and simple. I love my family, I love to eat, I love to be (or at least attempt to be) organized, I love to strive for good health, I love to share, I love to teach, I love to help, I love to learn, I love to be sarcastic, and truthfully the list goes on. So, basically I blog because I love. Saying/Writing this makes me smile.





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