What This Blog Is Not



This blog is not all smiles, perfection & well-behaved children.

I won’t lie to you and claim to be the perfect Christian woman. I’m a child of God and a wee bit of a rebel. I struggle with this. We occasionally miss church, simply because we have a million things to do. My husband and I like to drink wine and whiskey (conservatively, of course), and I pray every day for help in cleaning up my potty mouth.

I’ll refrain from giving lots of fabulous tips on having the perfectly organized home. I’ve been told that I’m perceived as a pretty organized person. I think I have some good ideas, and I’ll be happy to share, but it’s not uncommon for my own house to be littered with toys and laundry. (And my husband’s added commentary is: “you should see her desk”.)

I don’t pretend to be the Queen of Squats or a perfectly shaped CrossFit Girl. I secretly, 
take a deep breath and do a walk of courage into the gym every day. I’m a (um) fluffy woman who had a baby at 44 years old. My body shows it. I am challenged with my new CrossFit journey and am self-conscious about how I look in gym clothes. I can’t even do all the workouts as prescribed, and I don’t pretend I can. But I do feel proud when I try hard (which is most of the time) even if I am doing a modified WOD.

 I’m not going to blog about all my perfectly healthy recipes that we eat every day. We are hard core foodies on a quest for eating healthier (and eating less) as we sit here eating peanut butter and chocolate chips out of our little Pyrex bowls. We are mostly vegan, but my husband is a bow hunter who gets an elk and/or deer every season. How does that work, you may ask? Well, we do our best. And hey, its meat, but its organic, grass fed and free range, right?

I won’t claim that my kids always do what I ask and love to eat all their veggies. I absolutely love my family, but occasionally I want to run far, far away from them, just for an hour or two. My 6 year old has been in therapy for over two years and sometimes I’m not sure we’re getting anywhere.

I’m not begging for sympathy by writing about my emotional moments.  It’s not completely unusual to see me crying for no apparent reason, or even when I’m feeling really shy or angry. Sometimes I feel happy at the silliest times, like when I have a good hair day or my toddler smears spaghetti all over himself.

For the most part, I’m telling you I’ll be honest with you… up front, open, and vulnerable. At the same time, I hope it proves to you that you’re not alone and you don’t need to pretend either. We are all on this ride together. When one of us is up, the other may be down… We need to love one another. That’s the truth.







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